(Me) - Creative Partner / Branded Content Developer / Maker of Things
Connecting Brand >< Audience

Someone with a more wholistic approach to helping brands connect with their audience was bound to come along. Leslie Ali - award-winning Executive Creative Director, branded content developer, film maker, creative problem solver and tech entrepreneur.

Leslie’s interest in the relationship between brand and consumer started at Wieden & Kennedy. As a Creative who could write, she moved to London and started directing so she could fuse both skills into content that served clients interested in connecting with their audience through entertainment (MTV, Nivea, Ch 5, Air New Zealand) or utility (Google, Kleenex, VW.)  This led to more interesting opportunities, where she started to work with brands dealing with larger-scale problems (Ikea, Nike, Coca Cola, RSA Films.) Brands inspired by her more comprehensive approach to content-led solutions, and looking at a business problem from four different angles (brand positioning, creative coms development, content execution and product/process design) to find that often elusive connection to its audience.

Over the last 20 years, curiosity (and a healthy attitude toward steep learning curves and layovers,) has taken Leslie from the US to the UK, China and Australia to work on some of the world’s biggest brands, and explore not only how to best cultivate more relevant brand/consumer connections, but also how to identify the stickiest connection point shared by both. She systematically and purposefully built her career to that end. The more she learned how each creative muscle she flexed could serve to build the next, the more she began combining them to bolster the connective tissue that binds consumers to brands.

From creating and launching massive global brands as a Creative Director, to experimenting with new forms of content as a director, to innovating and designing product and processes as an entrepreneur and agency partner  - Leslie had many opportunities to flex these muscles in concert. As a result, Leslie uses a  problem-solving, creative and production-led  filter on any business problem backed by  consumer insights, to inform the work.

Her natural interest in the consumer stems from the desire to uncover a better way of doing things. A better way to  provide a creative experience that delivers. Content that’s either useful or entertaining to its audience. Something that finds its way into their lives by satisfying or addressing a more fundamental need - something that ultimately gets embraced or connects with people in a meaningful way. 

Shortlisted for the TED Residency program for an idea based on creating a currency and an online marketplace that helps close the wage gap. 

Developed and produced a bi partisan anti-gun violence content campaign for Everytown to launch on Nov 7,  post midterms.

Launching a creative consultancy platform that helps pro-consumer companies make informed creative decisions about the brands they build, their go-to-market campaign, and the talent needed to grow their user base and turn consumers into fans. 

ECD / CEO / CW / Director / Executive Producer / Content Creator / Make-Things-Happener

I live in Brooklyn with a nine year-old who likes to make things, a cat named Mustafa, and a brilliant man who supports all the mad things I choose to throw myself into.

Before JWT, I worked in Portland (Wieden,) London and Sydney (13 years,) and freelanced for friends at RSA Films, Anomaly, 72&Sunny, BBH NY and Mother.

47 SUMMIT ST (2C,) BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. 11231   917.635.1328