Credit:  ECD / EP
Client: Donor Sibling Registry
“The Sperminator” - a documentary film produced by JWT

We heard about a playgroup in Brooklyn where all the kids were half-siblings - related to each other by sperm (all born out of the same sperm sample.) 

Meet Ari Nagel. Professor, father, sperm donor. Featured here in a 20 minute film about a man who wants to help those who can't help themselves. In this film, we follow and interview a math professor who chooses to defy the regulatory bodies and social convention surrounding the controversy of unregulated sperm donation. We cover the
sensationalist trail of talk show hosts, a lawyer's POV, the recipients / the women involved, as well as founder Wendy Kramer of the Donor Sibling Registry to gain more insight into the issues surrounding the difficulties in obtaining sperm, and what maintaining donor anonymity means from all perspectives.

Documentary Film (full-length):
(Password available upon request)
Username: sperm
Password: ari

Press: 2017 Sundance submission for documentary short / SHOTS Magazine / The NY Post

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