3 HUTCHINSON Mobile Brand Campaign
Credit: ECD / CW

Brief:  Tell a tech-savvy target with a short attention span - 18-24 year-olds- how 3’s Asian-led innovation could make life better.

Solve:  Instead of telling them that this new kind of content could now entertain them on their mobiles, we just went out and made some - to do just that.

3 Mobile's new 3G capability (new to the UK market back then) - gave people the ability to share and enjoy music and games on their mobile for the very first time. But no one was getting how that could make a difference in their lives.

So we worked off one great consumer-led nugget discovered early on - 'Cool
stuff happens in Asia six months before it hits the UK.'  And proceeded to  create an entire futuristic Asian-influenced world  to celebrate the values and virtues of this new mobile technology. 

Here are some of the ads.

"Jellyfish" :60

"Cherry" :60

The campaign enabled us to explain how 3 now enabled this target the ability  to play, share, text and listen to music in a way their parents weren't able to appreciate.

The advertising was embraced enthusiastically by people under 25, and not understood by anybody older.  Which served our opinion-leader strategy.
As a result, 3 Hutchinson became the most popular telcom brand in the UK among 18-24 year-old young professionals and students, selling 3 to 4 times as many contracts and minutes over the next three years to a band new generation.

"Tuperzik" :60

The brand campaign was supported by print, radio, OOH, POS and retail TV. Here are a couple
examples of :2o executions developed to sell specific product and service features.

"Panda" :20 / Retail

"Eel" :20 / Retail

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