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Air New Zealand
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Nike China
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Make Things Better Solve:
50/50 Leadership Program
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Solved nothing in particular,
but still fun to make:
“The Sperminator”
SHOTS Mag - Sep Issue
“The Object” - Sundance
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Latest Favorite Thing

Credit:  Leslie Ali Walker / Meghan Sheehan
Client: N/A 

Brief: Close the wage gap 

Solve: Create a female economy based on a new currency that gives women more buying power 

Let’s create a female economy based on a brand new currency - the “Vagina dollar” - the first unit of currency created for a good cause. One that is valued specifically to compensate for the economic disparity in salary between men and women. This new currency would enable women to buy the same products as their male counterparts at a comparable value, sponsored by brands who support the fight to
close the gap. This currency serves as a new form of protest, and makes an issue (that remains largely untackled,) hard to ignore. Making its point best with the help of big mass market mainstream brands that can help amplify the message, like those produced by pro-women brands Procter& Gamble’s Always, Nike,  and Unilever’s Dove.

The Vagina dollar is a currency that’s recognized and accepted online at a marketplace that readily accepts the VAG dollar as a valid form of payment. It’s traded for consumer goods brands sold at a discount to account for the value discrepancy between
the male and female-earned dollar - selling goods exclusively to people who use this currency - building a powerful consumer movement that grows stronger with every exchange.

The Way It Works:
We get the Vagina dollar into circulation. It’s a currency that exists in all the different denominations. And we invite people to “buy” it for real US tender (1 USD = 1.33 VAG ) - all in an effort to help us close the wage gap.

Champions of the cause will agree to buy the new currency for what it is worth ($10 US dollars = $13.33 Vag Dollars.) [Their $10 US actually translates into a contribution to the cause.]

The “Close The Gap” Marketplace:
This online marketplace -sponsored by those leading brands who wish to show their support for women - is created specifcally to encourage people to trade with their Vagina Dollars, by converting them with our site’s Vag Dollar Converter (by scanning it, digitally registering it and using it.) So they can buy any product featured on the site at a discount.

The 23% Discount:
The discount is core to this idea. It reflects and makes up for the existing disparity in wage.

The currency, when accepted online becomes the equalizer. It’s the way women, who earn less than men currently, are able to afford the same.

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