Leslie Ali Walker


Brand-led Solve:
Air New Zealand
3 Hutchinson
The Guardian

Consumer-led Solve:
Nike China
Channel 5

Product-led Solve:
Luxury Tampon
TED Residency Idea
Google+ HO
Need/Done App
Product Experiments

Marketing Solve:
DoorDash for Dashers
Tubular QSR for GenZ
BET New Season
Kantar SuperBowl XX
Carhartt Amplified
Noom Positioning
Livewell Branding
G/O Media Co Launch 

Make Things Better Solve:
50/50 Leadership Program
Save The Children
PROD Content Studio
Need/Done App

Solved nothing in particular,
but still fun to make:
“The Sperminator”
SHOTS Mag - Sep Issue
“The Object” - Sundance
Maximo Park Video


Latest Favorite Thing

Need/Done Inc.
iOS app 
Credit: CEO, Founder
(as well as, UX Designer/Growth Hacker/Fundraiser/Coms)

Brief:  Give busy urban parents the kind of reliable childcare support they need when their family lives miles away.

Solve:  They say it takes a village... So we decided to make one available, by putting one on an app.

Introducing NEED/DONE - a SaaS-based app created and designed for a rising generation of dual income head of households. The steady growth in this millennial target presented an awesome opportunity. Especially in a $48+ billion childcare market. So we designed, built
and piloted a community–building mobile app that enables parents to collect a local “family,” made up of parent friends that shares trustworthy resoures (like sitters, dog walkers, cleaners) with each other. 
(Personal project / Side hustle)

NEED/DONE - The first app that helps working parents get the help they need from the people they trust.

Download it now.

(The app 42M parents in America have been waiting for.)

We’re all a little more overwhelmed. Without the family support nearby we all relied on in the past, it’s alot harder to take care of kids and family while we all work.

According to the 450 we polled before running our pilot in May, what working parents need more than
anything else is some added support. Practical help
to get home-related crap off their plate, and for someone to serve as their trusted proxy at home when they need to be at work.

So why not help each other out, share resources among friends, and call for trusted help at the touch of a button? Need/Done provides instant help from sitters & home-helpers your friends use and trust.

Need/Done provides instant help from sitters & home-helpers your friends use and trust.

NPR ran a four-part podcast about the making of NEED/DONE (Note To Self / Taking the Lead). Fascinated by the notion that someone's decided to apply themselves to solving a social problem
(helping more working mothers get to the C-suite) with a tech-led solution, they've been following our story since then.

If you’re interested in growing a “village” in your neighborhood, or getting involved as an angel advisor at this seed stage, shoot us an email at hello@needdoneapp.com. 

We’ll never say no to a helping hand.

47 SUMMIT ST (2C,) BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. 11231   917.635.1328