Credit:  ECD
Client: JWT

Brief: Agency Inclusion Initiative - Raise the female creative profile at JWT

Idea: The (100% Female) Creative Development Program 

A program designed to change the face of creative leadership. (And get rid of the word “Female” to describe something which should be the norm by now,)

A way to give women more exposure as creative leaders at the agency, normalizing female leadership for all those involved in the program, and the agency at large. I designed and started this 6 month program last February with the help of my partner, Karl Ackermann, CD / Creative  Technologist. We started in january (2017 was our pilot year) to promote a future reality we both very much intend to be part of - an agency environment where the ratio of male to female CDs is 50/50.

The Pilot Program:
After a formal application process, three women were selected as the FCDLP's official Creative Leads (aka “Creative Directors”) and invited to form teams they were given two weeks to recruit. Teams composition was up to their discretion across expertise, gender and seniority lines. Each was given the opportunity to interview agency C-suite mentors - one male and one female.

They attended weekly sessions with speakers across different disciplines, specifically recruited to strengthen their knowledge of the business. A tech-led pro-bono client was chosen  (ENSE - a social media platform that connects people and celebrates the power of the human voice, by encouraging people to share "Enses" -audio bytes of any kind - with each other ) whose only obligation was to  brief in, choose and produce the winning solution to their marketing problem (showing the world how their voice can be used to make things they'd want to share with their friends.) 

Brief: Introduce the world to a new kind of sharable, snackable form of content - an “Ense”

The Result (from the winning team led by Jess Toye and Devon Wood:)
A promotional batch of limited edition ENSE hot sauce was produced. The limited edition was produced with one special ingredient (sound,) made specifically to introduce the brand to the press and content-generating influencers alike.

The Royal Horticultural Society has proven that talking to plants helps them grow. So the team decided to use the power of voice to help New Yorkers make something fun together - something they could share with each other - a hot sauce batch made by NYers with the sound of their voice.

The chili plants were fed a daily diet of "spicy messages" sent to them by native NYers. Listeners and viewers of the real time video feed were encouraged to download their spicy words of encouragement. Ense speakers set up next to a crop of the chili plants played NY's "spiciest" Enses to the plants 24/7. Submissions included jokes, stories and songs - the kind of content that makes the best Enses. All of which helped promote Ense to a world of new audiophiles and content producer-users.

Speakers and tech produced by Ense. Chili pepper batch production bottling Courtesy, Brooklyn Grange. All profits go to GrowNYC.

A simple modern design explains how the products are made by using people's voice. Bottles were sent to the press, inviting them to send audio clips / Enses of their voice to produce their own personal bottle of hot sauce. The product was introduced at local farmer's markets and served at the launch event. The physical product and related press coverage helped Ense raise its public profile in NY among users - helping to support organic user base growth by 10x)

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