Google "Time Machine" Hangout  (Branded Platform Concept) 
Client: Google Creative Lab
Credit: ECD & Director (Smoke & Meat)

Brief: New consumer-friendly applications for their Skype-like platform called “Hangouts”.

Google wanted ideas that stretched beyond the video conferencing functionality normally associated with the platform.

So we (Smoke & Meat, the collective which I founded and am a part,) came up with a number of ideas, and landed on this one. The following demo showcases an idea called “Time Machine Hangout”. Part time machine, part homework tool, part immersive experience, this hangout gives kids the ability to travel back in time to join any conversation in history.

‘The Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot Hangout’ Demo:
In this demo, we choose to invite an 11-year old boy in 1605 to participate in a conversation with Guy Fawkes and his gang about their plan to blow up the House of Lords.

The demo travelled to Google HQ. It was loved. 

Time Machine was developed in collaboration with Google Creative Lab Sydney, and supported in the U.S. by Google Creative Lab NY.
47 SUMMIT ST (2C,) BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. 11231   917.635.1328