Credit:  ECD
Client: JWT

Brief: Agency Initiative - Introduce clients to its content development capability

Idea: PROD Content Consultancy /Studio - A proprietary JWT offering created to 
a.) help identify culturally relevant opportunities for clients and 
b.) help push creative standards

To set JWT creatives up for content development success in a growing data-oriented marketing environment, I developed an idea for a data-led content studio for JWT - one designed to  uniquely harnesses the in-house capabilities of JWT Intelligence and its data-analytics team to help more brands connect with their target.

PROD was specifically created by myself and a small core team of people (creative technologists, creatives, data-analysts and trend-forecasters,) to give content creators the ability to substantiate and explore areas of specific interest, and by extension, create better content for brands looking  to connect with their target.

It takes a totally different data approach, eschewing the more traditional optimization-oriented methodology, and using data gathering / analytics differently; it reframes the use of data (qualitative and quantitative) for clients and creatives alike.

How PROD uses data for content development:
Instead of using data to validate final creative execution, we developed a way to use it up front. Through PROD, data is mined and analyzed to uncover more relevant key cultural and trending insights that identify white space areas of opportunity for brands in search of greater connection with their target.  These cultural insights determine the “conversations” the brand can participate in and sponsor / spaces they can occupy - an angle for subsequent content production used to  influence the more crucial part of content development - the front end.

The Logic:
Using the data this way accomplishes two things; a.) it increases a client’s confidence in the content development process as they can point to specific findings which support the areas being explored, and b.) provide creative teams with the right set-up to explore an area already validated as rich and fruitful - giving content creators the ability to focus on producing a more engaging and compelling execution for the brand.

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