Body (Anti-Cellulite Cream)
Credit: Director
Production Company: Partizan

Brief:  How do you make a woman take care of the part of her body she’d like to hide most?

Solve:  Make her proud of it, thanks to the brand that celebrates every part of it.

This one was fun to direct for a female Swedish creative team/powerhouse. It not only felt great to develop the chant track, cast, choreograph, shoot but it felt even better to get it out there - especially at a time where bodies that didn’t fit the mold were generally hidden. (Let alone celebrated.) Once produced, we ran our director’s cut on YouTube. Resulting in explosive chatter within hours; comments ranged from feeling “less alone” to smiley face emojis to “feeling better understood.” (Always nice to know we do more than peddle skin cream.)

Composition and Lyrics by Leslie Ali
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