IKEA Have A Go Brand Campaign
Three Drunk Monkeys
Credit: CD 

Brief:  Launch an unknown Swedish retail brand to a bunch of uninterested Australians.

Solve:  Reframe IKEA as a rich experience, made for a pro-discovery, ‘have a go’ kind of people - what Australians pride themselves on / like to be known for.

IKEA was a relative unknown in the Australian market. Slightly better known by women who take pride in their home, and relish the opportunity to ‘have a go’ and improve the way it looks, feels and works for them. They're Australia's "Home Lifestyle Reinventors".

We saw an opportunity to speak to this group and motivate them to go discover
IKEA by developing a fully integrated brand campaign (TV, online, social media, radio, press, app, OOH, ambient, experiential) to give Australians a better idea of what the iconic Swedish retail brand stands for - democratizing  design for those who embrace change as often as their budget permits.

IKEA Have A Go Campaign Video

So we launched a fully integrated brand campaign which lets a roll-up-your-sleeves people know how IKEA's inclusive nature,
democratic ideals and shared roll-up-your-sleeves work ethos enables them to reinvent their homes.

"Attack" :60 (Cinema/TV/Online)

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