AIR NEW ZEALAND - Sceptics Branded Content campaign
Credit: ECD / Director 

Brief:  Get more Australians to spend their holidays in New Zealand.

Solve:  Find, kidnap and convert NZ’s biggest critics; that felt like a good place to start.
Australians usually put New Zealand at the bottom of their holiday wish list. Most are simply not interested in what the country has to offer. So we decided to find our toughest Australian critics, tell them they were selected to feature in their own 
travel show - shot in the place they most wanted to visit (Las Vegas, Berlin, Bali, Tahiti, etc.)

And then took them to New Zealand instead.

Air NZ Kiwi Sceptics Campaign Video

The content created shows the journeys of four sceptical Australians - all starting off pissed off and disappointed - and what it took for New Zealand to change their minds.

The episodes ran online, and pivotal clips were featured on online banners appearing on other
travel sites. Conversations were prompted and managed on a dedicated microsite featuring relevant flight offers, while supporting press ran alongside in targeted publications.

Branded Content Episodes:

Aussie Aussie Episode

Bali Girl Episode

Hipster Episode

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