(Me) - Branded Content Developer / Producer / Maker of Things

Content-creating, award-winning Executive Creative Director with a track record in driving greater, more meaningful engagement through consumer-driven, content creation, innovation, and digital platforms.

She started her career in the US as a Creative (AD/CW) and worked her way through the UK, China, Australia where she had the chance to apply what she learned as a creative problem solver to film (directing commercials and content for clients) and technology (developing online content designed to entertain or be useful.)

Now back in the US, she works directly to clients and ad agencies, helping them develop content that connects with their content-consuming target.


Has delivered results through content that engages for ad agencies, production companies and large organizations (VW, Nike, Coca-Cola, Air New Zealand, IKEA, Google,) as well as  brands with more focussed content, entertainment and utility-driven imperatives (MTV, Channel 5, RSA Films, Ense, Google, NOOM.)

Spearheaded and piloted JWT’s CDLP (Creative Leadership Development Program) - an internal agency program designed to raise the leadership profile of strong female creatives by having them work directly to a client with content-driven needs.

Designed a data-led content studio (PROD) for JWT’s new business team, to work in conjunction with more specialized WPPs content producing companies (Fatherly, Gimlet.)

Founded and launched her own start-up based on an underserved need in the parent market - Need/Done: a utility-led app designed to help parents build community and share highly vital home/child/pet-care support resources with each other. (Started as a think tank solve.)


Shortlisted for the TED Residency program for an idea based on creating a currency and an online marketplace that helps close the wage gap. 

Developed and produced a bi partisan anti-gun violence content campaign for Everytown to launch on Nov 7,  post midterms.

Things in her wheelhouse:

* Creative problem solving.
Setting up brands and companies to better connect with their consumer thorough content-led experiences (on and off-line.)
* Storytelling.
Tells a good story (from concept through production.)
* Channelling.
Applies start-up and consulting experience to help support brands that require a leaner more pointed approach to developing a bespoke narrative, so they have a story to tell.
* Helping
brands connect with existing or new fan/user base with more socially-led, community-driven initiatives (hubs, events)
* Capitalizing on consumer-led data to come up with and build out their coms, as well as guide future product innovation.
* Asking questions
others don’t or won’t (helps identify the white space opportunity.)
* Managing
clients and partners, directing talent, shooting/editing, writing, designing and optimizing product through an iterative, collaborative process.
* Cross-pollinating
people who come at things differently to get the most out of any team
ECD / CEO / CW / Director / Executive Producer / Content Creator / Make-Things-Happener 

I live in Brooklyn with a nine year-old who likes to make things, a cat named Mustafa, and a brilliant man who supports all the mad things I choose to throw myself into.

Before JWT, I worked in Portland (Wieden,) London and Sydney (13 years,) and freelanced for friends at RSA Films, Anomaly, 72&Sunny, BBH NY and Mother.

47 SUMMIT ST (2C,) BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. 11231   917.635.1328