(Me) - Branded Content Developer / Producer / Maker of Things

I’m into solving problems and growing things.

I’m especially into developing the kind of content that connects. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked at some great places, on some of the world’s biggest brands. Places that gave me the runway to come up with campaigns and ideas to help them develop and grow their brand and/or product.
And what I found was that by identifying and growing a shared viewpoint between brands and their consumers through stuff they’re actually into, we’re better able to connect.  

Things in my wheelhouse:

* Creative problem-solving. Setting up brands and companies for connection with their target and success.
* Storytelling. I tell a good story (from concept through production.)
* Channelling my entrepreneurial instinct into meaningful pieces of business and projects that need to be invented, developed, lit and launched.
* Helping brands find their “True North”  - something that builds out their coms and guides future product innovation
* Asking questions others don’t or won’t (taught early on to not be afraid to ‘walk in stupid’)
* Managing clients and partners, directing talent, shooting/editing, writing, designing product and iterating often
* Cross-pollinating people who come at things differently to get the most out of my team 
* Growing culture and accountability where there is none.

How other people might describe me:
Content-creating, award-winning Executive Creative Director with a track record in driving greater, more meaningful engagement through consumer-driven, content creation, innovation, and digital platforms. Has delivered results for large organizations (VW, Nike, Coca-Cola, Air New Zealand, IKEA, Google,) as well as for brands with more focussed content and product imperatives - like MTV, Channel 5, RSA, Ense, Google and NOOM.

At JWT, beside running Caress, Kleenex, Leslie also spearheaded, and piloted JWT’s CDLP - a 6-month pro-diversity agency program - designed to raise the leadership profile of strong female creatives, and is most recently designing a data-led content studio (PROD) for JWT’s new business team. 

She’s run her own business as well, having launched and run her own start-up on the side - Need/Done: a purpose-driven SaaS platform (and iOS app,) designed to disrupt the $72B care giving category. As a challenger brand in the Sharing Economy, the app’s designed to help people learn to share and trust.

Latest: I’ve just been shortlisted for the TED Residency program for an idea based on creating a currency and an online marketplace that helps close the wage gap.
ECD / CEO / CW / Director / Executive Producer / Content Creator / Make-Things-Happener 

I live in Brooklyn with a nine year-old who likes to make guacamole, a cat named Mustafa, and a brilliant man who supports all the mad things I choose to throw myself into.

Before JWT, I worked in Portland (Wieden,) London and Sydney (13 years,) and freelanced for friends at RSA Films, Anomaly, 72&Sunny, BBH NY and Mother.

47 SUMMIT ST (2C,) BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. 11231   917.635.1328